The records are amazing – but, we really shouldn’t say ‘cleaned records’, we should say ‘all new MARC records’ because that is really what they are. I know the library tech who handles the middle and high school at Dixon USD is thrilled with being able to find titles because there are now subject headings. What a concept!

Patty Turner

Library/Textbook Service, Sacramento City, CA

Mitinet has one of the best RDA conversion services we have seen.

Harry Chan

CEO, OPALS/Media Flex

Mitinet provides a very cost-effective statewide solution for INFOhio’s school libraries to enhance MARC records in their local catalogs. The addition of Lexile information is especially critical, as schools are trying to meet the instructional shifts of new learning standards which call for students to increase the complexity of text they read. Used with an existing reading program or on its own, Mitinet’s text difficulty rating helps students find books at their reading level while giving teachers an easy way to find books to stretch a student’s skills. A definite win-win situation!

Theresa Fredericka

Executive Director, INFOhio, Ohio

All of Mitinet’s services are so great. We put 7,000 new materials into Destiny for our 13 schools during the last year and we could not have done this if we didn’t have Mitinet and their magic wands. It would take over twice as long to do our MARC editing directly in Destiny. I’ve been using Mitinet products for two decades now.

Sharon Rood

District Media Services Secretary,Kearney Public Schools, Kearney, NE

Mitinet is used by many of our Mandarin schools to support the NYSED Passage Selection Guidelines for Accessing CCSS ELA by placing not only Lexile, but Fountas and Pinnell and Accelerated Reader into MARC records to offer multiple indicators of text complexity. And, they are updated as often as the school chooses to run them.”

Todd Catalano, SLMS

WNYRIC Library Automation Coordinator for: Mandarin Library Automation/Mitinet Library Services

My school district consists of 27 schools and has been using Mitinet’s support for two years. Our district’s media coordinators find their services extremely valuable for saving time & money. Twice each year, Mitinet updates Accelerated Reader information, Lexile levels, and subject headings for our district catalog. Last year, several schools asked Mitinet to standardize call numbers in all of their copy records. This was completed for the schools in less than two days — amazing! I have been extremely happy with Mitinet!

Angela Bradshaw

District Media Coordinator, Burke County Public Schools, Morganton, NC

We provide software support to several hundred K-12 Libraries in northeast Ohio. To those who want to update their MARC records with reading-level data, we always recommend subscribing to Mitinet Library Services. The service is both timely and cost-effective, their process is proven, and the results are impressive. We seldom recommend vendors to our library customers, but Mitinet is an exception.

Greg Perciak

Library Services, North Coast Council - East, Ohio

As I previewed software last year to use for my course at Mansfield, it became crystal clear that BestMARC is eons in front of the competition for either beginning catalogers or practicing librarians. I could not have chosen a better way for our students to learn cataloging with the MARC record. And, I cannot say enough about the cooperation and service provided by Mitinet.

Candy Blessing

Library Media Specialist at Ephrata High School & Course Facilitator at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Your directions were wonderful and easy to follow. Thank you for your help and patience. You do great work!

Library Staff

Central Columbia Elementary School Library

I hear a lot of librarians say Mitinet does what they say they will do — make Lexile numbers go into the MARC records seamlessly. Since I don’t have access to my own MARC records, I can’t speak to that. What I can tell you is Mitinet is flexible and understanding of client’s needs even when it doesn’t align to what they normally do. Honestly, the best decision I made as a new teacher librarian was talking to Justin from Mitinet!

Christine Sturgeon

Teacher Librarian/Technology Integrationist, Manson Northwest Webster Community Schools