Frequently Asked Questions…


My budget is limited. How can Mitinet save my library money?

Mitinet provides all-in-one pricing for metadata services. This approach is often significantly less expensive than other providers, whose services typically come with a la carte fees and per-record costs. Those add up. Our customers find that removing all those a la carte costs provides significant savings.

On top of cost benefit, we save you time too, by performing laborious database management tasks and allowing you and your staff to stay focused on patrons and other important responsibilities. Far too often a customer will contact us after spending months — or even years — working on a database project only to find out Mitinet could have completed the project in just a few days.

What makes Mitinet better than the others?

Focus. Since 1989, we’ve been exclusively dedicated to metadata management. Our in-house team of database experts are uniquely qualified to work with all types of ILS systems. Metadata is all we do. We are directly positioned to understand the issues you face so we can bring you solutions to all types of library metadata problems.

Our mission is rooted in understanding and supporting your mission. With Mitinet on your side, library staff and learners alike are empowered to get the most value out of a library’s collection. Our deep expertise and specialization in metadata management makes Mitinet your best partner in connecting knowledge seekers to the right resources by bringing ease, accuracy and speed to discoverability.

How do I know if there are problems with my database and what should I do to fix them?

Our free AnalyzeMARC Diagnostic Report helps you uncover flaws and other issues that may have been overlooked in the past with your library data.

I’m not an experienced cataloger. Should I still use BestMARC?

Of course! BestMARC is easy to use and comes with built-in tips and examples to help you create the best MARC records. Many customers have told us they actually used BestMARC to learn how to catalog.

Do you offer training?

Absolutely. With a BestMARC subscription, you and your colleagues can schedule a FREE web training session to get you started with BestMARC. You can always schedule more training sessions if questions arise. BestMARC also provides detailed written instructions if you’re more comfortable troubleshooting on your own.

We also offer scheduled virtual overviews, trainings, and professional development sessions.

What if I don’t have time to learn new software?

When you subscribe to our Full Circle Service, you don’t have to spend any time on database maintenance. Identify what you’d like done from our list of Enhancements and we’ll get them done for you according to your timeline.

If you use Alexandria as your ILS, BestMARC services are built-in. Set the Mitinet features you want and Alexandria will run and update your database automatically using the schedule you set.

Can Mitinet help with migrations to a new Integrated Library System (ILS) or to a Union catalog?

Yes. Periods of transition are the perfect time to improve the quality of your data so that your new system isn’t bogged down with problems of the past. We specialize in database migration services. Our team can help you prepare your databases, eliminate record duplication and provide guidance on getting the most out of your new catalog. Plus, we work closely with many of the industry’s automation systems, and we’re aware of precisely what needs to happen on the back end in order to make your migration go as smoothly as possible.

Can you help us remove duplicate records?

We can! Our ExpertMARC data team can help you identify and remove duplicate records from your system.

Can Mitinet help with RDA?

Mitinet supports both AACR2 and RDA cataloging standards. While mixed record databases (some records in AACR2 and others in RDA) are permitted, some libraries prefer to convert all their records and create a consistent database. Mitinet offers an RDA Conversion enhancement to batch convert all of your records to RDA. We also offer a Record Repair enhancement, which automatically fixes common problems in RDA records.

Can you help me add images to my MARC records?

MARC records do not contain a field for images, so it is up to your ILS to find and display an image based on the fields in your record. When you search for a MARC record in BestMARC, the cover images you see are intended to help you determine the appropriate record for the item you are cataloging. The ability to add images to your ILS depends on your service and what options they make available.

Does Mitinet take special requests?

As industry leaders in library metadata management we are always happy to perform specialized tasks to your collections upon request. Just contact our team for more information.