Presto! Your MARC records for your new book order can now be automatically downloaded!

When DirectMARC is turned on and authenticated with your Alexandria account, MARC records will no longer need to be emailed or sent to download into Alexandria when ordering from one of Mitinet’s exclusive vendors listed below.

To authenticate and link your Alexandria account with DirectMARC, please submit the information below to receive a link code. Once the information has been submitted, you will receive an email containing a link code within two business days that you will need to enter into your Alexandria account. Once you have entered the link code, MARC records will then automatically be downloaded for any new orders, going forward, when ordering directly from any of the vendors listed below.

Please note that once you link DirectMARC with your Alexandria account, you will no longer receive your MARC records by email or CD when ordering directly from any of the vendors below to prevent

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Exclusive Mitinet Vendors Include: