I have been working remotely since March and am so grateful to have BestMARC! The web-based platform has been a lifesaver and the old Marc Magician client would not have been accessible during this crazy time.

Bonnie Hauser

Cataloging and Metadata Librarian



Great service

Clear communication

Offered choices depending on what I felt was most important

Your company did a fantastic job.  We have zero complaints.  However, we have 100% praise for your service.

Rhonda Garcia

Redwood Christian School

MITNET provides a service not available in our Integrated Library Solution, Follett Destiny. The Library Solution is designed for management and circulation. When we receive records from our vendors, they are not [ready] for our Integrated Library Solution. We cannot edit the records sufficiently in the Integrated Library Solution so we use MITINET’s product, BestMARC to complete the work needed. The product enables changes to keep the data clean and readily accessible for our staff and students.

Last year we used MARC Magician to clean and edit our records before entry into our catalog. With BestMARC’s Global Changes and Workflows, I believe my productivity has gone up close to 30%.

Tara Hoopes

Digital Resources and Systems Librarian

I have been a customer of Mitinet for many years and they are an outstanding company.

2019 Modern Library Awards Judge

I’ve really loved using BestMARC. I like having the ability to build my own workflows that batch edit records to my specifications. The customer support has been amazing. They provided great training when they rolled out BestMARC and then after they have been very responsive when I’ve had questions. I use BestMARC pretty much every day and I could not be happier with it.

2019 Modern Library Awards Judge

BestMARC is a lifesaver! I can run global edits on import, which saves time and effort and helps keep my records uniform.  The z39.50 search feature saves time by easily importing and modifying records from other libraries. With the templates, I can quickly create new records.

2019 Modern Library Awards Judge

This product has transformed our Library catalog.

2019 Modern Library Awards Judge

The records are amazing – but, we really shouldn’t say ‘cleaned records’, we should say ‘all new MARC records’ because that is really what they are. I know the library tech who handles the middle and high school at Dixon USD is thrilled with being able to find titles because there are now subject headings. What a concept!

Patty Turner

Library/Textbook Service, Sacramento City, CA

Mitinet has one of the best RDA conversion services we have seen.

Harry Chan

CEO, OPALS/Media Flex

Mitinet provides a very cost-effective statewide solution for INFOhio’s school libraries to enhance MARC records in their local catalogs. The addition of Lexile information is especially critical, as schools are trying to meet the instructional shifts of new learning standards which call for students to increase the complexity of text they read. Used with an existing reading program or on its own, Mitinet’s text difficulty rating helps students find books at their reading level while giving teachers an easy way to find books to stretch a student’s skills. A definite win-win situation!

Theresa Fredericka

Executive Director, INFOhio, Ohio