Custom Columns, Sharing

We’ve released a batch of new features into BestMARC today. As always you can check the Change Log for a detailed list of them all, but here’s a rundown of what’s new.

Custom Columns

We’ve made some updates to the Custom Columns feature that lets you select data that shows up in your My Records grid. First, we’ve increased the number of custom columns from 5 to 10.

Second, we’ve added support for viewing the MARC Leader and MARC Control fields in a custom column. For these new fields, we’re also allowing you to specify field positions, so you can pull out parts of the fields to show. For instance, if you want the control field language to show up as a column, enter 008 as the tag and 35-37 as the position.

Sharing Global Edits

When you click the Share button on the Tools screen, you now have two choices:

Selecting My Organization will share the Global Edit/Workflow/Selection with your colleagues as you’ve been used to.

Selecting the new Send copy to user lets you send it to any BestMARC user. If this is a Workflow, it will automatically copy all the Global Edits that are inside it.  You can even use this option to send to yourself if you need to make a full deep copy.

For colleagues under the same license we still recommend using the standard sharing feature.  However this now allows you flexibility to share with other BestMARC users that are not in your license. If you are requesting technical support from our team, it also allows us to better serve you. You can send us items to look at, or we can send you items to assist.