Custom My Records Columns

Custom Columns

We’ll be releasing a new version of BestMARC on Wednesday October 31, at 11:30am.

The newest feature we’re announcing is custom My Records Columns.  In your Profile, you’ll be able to set up to 5 columns to display any MARC subfields of your choosing.  So if you’d like to display columns for Content, Media, and Carrier then you can do that.  Or set it up to show subject headings, reading programs, summaries, award notes, or whatever else you’re interested in looking at.

Custom columns work like any other column, so you can sort on them or filter them based on a search term.  This feature gives you more flexibility than ever before to view your MARC database the way you want.

Here is the complete change log:

  • Sears subject headings are now updated to 22nd edition
  • Added Sears Genre terms to Subject Explorer
  • Added option to Allow mixed cataloging standards to change tips, examples, and error checking to use the record’s 040 $e to determine the Cataloging Standard
  • Tips and Examples now display either AACR2 or RDA help based on the cataloging standard (using the mixed option if selected)
  • Added call number to card printouts
  • Added feature to show up to 5 custom columns in My Records by setting them in the Profile. Records must be reloaded to see any changes made (see next item).
  • My Records menu item Record > Refresh now reloads all columns in My Records, useful if you change profile options
  • Updated MARC code list for Relators
  • Fixed Global Edit previews to display properly when changing a field’s tag
  • Fixed status column issue where error icon was displayed for some records even if there was not an error
  • Account Managers can now Reset Password for multiple users by selecting more than one

The release may take us up to 90 minutes, so if you try to log in during this time, you may experience problems.  Just try to log in again later.