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BestMARC Metadata Management

BestMARC Plus keeps your data clean and updated

BestMARC sets the standard in metadata management. Including all the searching, cataloging, and editing features of BestMARC Standard, BestMARC Plus contains all the features you need to automatically improve and update your entire MARC record database in just a few clicks.

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Keep your library data updated automatically

Use BestMARC Enhancements to update a small batch of MARC records or your entire database in a single click. Enhancements improve your database, keep it updated with the latest information, and fix common errors.

Use the Reading Program Updates enhancement to automatically update your MARCs with the latest reading and study program information from Accelerated Reader 360®, Fountas & Pinnell®, Lexile®, Reading Counts!®, and ReadnQuiz™.

You can optionally specify which of your sites get which updates. Labels can be created for any updates.

The Award Notes enhancement adds state and national award notes to your records.

This enhancement currently adds 14,700+ award winners from 550+ awards. Mitinet continually monitors for new awards and winners and adds them throughout the year.

If you have records with missing data, use the Brief to Full enhancement to update them with full records. If a record matching yours is found in BestMARC, it can be replaced with a better one, keeping any unique information you have from the original.

Subject Heading Updates

Subject Heading Updates Enhancement options

Use the Subject Heading Updates enhancement to standardize and ensure you are using the latest authoritative subjects from Library of Congress and Sears. BestMARC tracks obsolete terms and automatically updates your subjects to use the latest terminology.

BestMARC can remove redundant subjects, letting you choose which subject type to favor. There are also options to remove or replace “Juvenile” when desired, as well as an option to order subjects in numerical tag order if that is your preference.

Subject Heading Updates

Subject Enrichment options

Adding subject headings is one of the best ways to improve discoverability of your records and in turn, circulation. The Subject Enrichment feature allows you to add or update subjects based on your already existing subjects.

BestMARC provides a group of Kid-friendly subjects you can add. For instance, we can add “Spiders” if the authoritative term “Arachnids” is found. Pick and choose which to add, add them all, or add your own.

Subject Enrichment Detail

Subject Enrichment Detail

Add your own lists of subject enrichment items to fit your own needs. Add subjects based on text found in any other MARC field or range of fields and choose whether to replace the found item or just add a new one. Use to build your own genre, diversity, or other custom subject groups and automatically apply them to your entire catalog.

While mixed record standards are allowed, some libraries like to convert all of their AACR2 records to the RDA format in order to have a consistent database. The Convert to RDA enhancement does this by adding Content (336), Media (337), and Carrier (338) fields, converting the 260 to 264, and expanding nearly 100 terms from their abbreviations to new terminology.

Use the Labels & Cards enhancement to generated label or card PDFs for you to print out on your label or card stock.

BestMARC supports labels for book pockets, spines, call numbers, reading programs, and multi-label sets. Main entry, shelf list, or catalog card sets can be generated.

The Record Repair enhancement finds and fixes common structural and syntax errors in your MARC records. Fixing technical errors cleans up your database, making it more efficient and easier to maintain. Improving the quality of your MARC records also helps items circulate and reduces the amount of time library staff spends helping patrons find the materials they need.

Combine all the Enhancements into a single Workflow that can be run as a group. Workflows can be run independently, or select it when importing your records to perform the updates while importing.

Compare records

Compare Records

After changes are made, use the Compare tool to see all the updates to your records. Individual fields are highlighted and color-coded, showing fields that were added, changed, or removed.

Keep your database updated with BestMARC Plus

BestMARC sets the standard in metadata management. Improve and automatically update your entire MARC database by using BestMARC Plus.

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Add an upgrade to your subscription to make BestMARC even more powerful. BestMARC Global adds customizable features for global edits and automated workflows making this our most powerful subscription. You can also get started for free with our BestMARC Standard subscription.

Subscription Levels Comparison

For a single user, billed annually. Multi-user discounts available
$41.60 per month$33.25 per monthFirst year free, then $5.00 per month thereafter
MARC Record Editor
MARC Tips, Examples, Errors
Includes context-sensitive links to LOC and RDA Toolkit documentation
Record Templates
48 built-in templates, user-created templates
Record Source
Search More Servers
Z39.50 search
Side-by-side comparison of changes, rollback changes
Reading Program Updates
Automatically update Accelerated Reader 360®, Fountas & Pinnell®, Lexile®, Reading Counts!®, & ReadnQuiz™
Convert to RDA
Tag 260 to 264, 336, 337 & 338 updates, 100s of terms expanded, birth and death dates, unnumbered pages, leaves & plates and more
Subject Heading Updates
Library of Congress, Library of Congress Children’s, Sears and Kid Friendly, plus Subject Enrichment feature
Award Notes
State and National award notes
Brief to Full
Adds selected fields for records found in the BestMARC record source
Record Repair
Automatically fixes common problems in your MARC records
Organize records into lists
Find smaller groups of records
Global Editing
Create and save powerful instructions to make batch changes to your database
Combine Enhancements and Global Edits sequentially for easy processing
yesEnhancements Onlyno
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