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BestMARC Metadata Management

BestMARC Global offers complete MARC management

BestMARC sets the standard in metadata management. Create lists of records, find records based on your criteria, and update them using the powerful batch editing capabilities of BestMARC Global.

Including all the searching, cataloging, and editing features of BestMARC Standard and all the automated Enhancements in BestMARC Plus, BestMARC Global contains everything you need to easily and successfully manage your MARC database.

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Keep your records organized using Lists

BestMARC Lists let you group records into smaller batches, allowing you to more easily review and improve them. Create as many lists as you’d like, and records can be in multiple lists.

You can manually add, remove, or move records between lists.

Or set up a Selection to add or remove from lists automatically based on the Conditions you set up such as searching fields, subfields, or indicators that contain (or are missing) text, start or end with text, or have certain capitalization. You can even count the number of fields (such as records with less than 3 subjects in the 600-699 range), or ensure a given text matches a Regular Expression.

Use the Lists dropdown to easily filter your records to show just the records in that list. Use the records browser to work on just those records, or run Enhancements or Global Edits on records in a given list.

Powerful batch editing of your entire catalog

Use Global Edits to create powerful, repeatable instructions that can be run to update your entire MARC catalog, lists, or individual records. Combine multiple Global Edits into Workflows in order to run many actions with a single click.

The Tools pane is where you run and manage your Global Edits, Workflows, Selections, and Enhancements. Create New items with your own names and they appear in the list. Click Run to make changes to your records or Preview to test before running.

You can also Share all of your items with your colleagues to save creation time and standardize across all your locations.

New Global Edit

New Global Edit

The New Global Edit dialog first asks you what type of action you’d like to perform. Once you select a command, fill out the appropriate options that appear based on the type you’ve selected.

For the Add or change field/subfields type, create one or more actions to perform on your records.

A Global Edit can contain many Actions that will be performed when your Conditions are met.

All the commands contain context-sensitive options, helping you create the MARC edits you need, based on the command and field selected.

For the Find and Update type, specify where to search, a search type (standard or Regular Expression), and then specify what to do when the text is found.

You can remove it, replace it with other text, or move it elsewhere in the MARC record.

Update Options

Use Conditions such as searching fields, subfields, or indicators that contain (or are missing) text, start or end with text, or have certain capitalization. Count the number of fields (such as records with less than 3 subjects in the 600-699 range), or ensure a given text matches a Regular Expression.

Example Global Edit

Example Global Edit

When you are finished, click Save to give this Global Edit a name so you won’t have to create it again.

Your saved Global Edits, Workflows, and Selections appear in the Private folder of the Tools pane.

When you Run your Global Edit from the tools pane, you first choose which records to run the Global Edit on.

Your records are processed and when complete, a report is displayed which lists how many adds, edits, and deletions were made to your records.

Combine a multi-step process or groups of processes into a single Workflow which can be run independently. You can even include Enhancements in a Workflow.

You can choose a Global Edit or Workflow to run during an import of records into BestMARC. For example, include all your Enhancements and standardization Global Edits in a Workflow called Standardize on Import. Then you can select this single Workflow when loading a file and BestMARC will process everything in your file automatically while it is being imported.

Compare changes

Compare Changes

Use BestMARC’s Compare window to see the changes that were made from the record that was in the original file. Adds, Edits, and Deletions are highlighted and color-coded. If necessary, you can roll back the changes to the original version.

Better discovery through the best metadata management.

BestMARC sets the standard in metadata management. Our best-in-class online MARC management system makes processing and maintaining MARC records fast, easy and convenient with BestMARC Global. With up-to-date, accurate metadata for better discoverability, you’ll extend the value of your library’s collection.

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You can also get started for free with our BestMARC Standard subscription or update your MARC data automatically using BestMARC Plus.

Subscription Levels Comparison

For a single user, billed annually. Multi-user discounts available
$41.60 per month$33.25 per monthFirst year free, then $5.00 per month thereafter
MARC Record Editor
MARC Tips, Examples, Errors
Includes context-sensitive links to LOC and RDA Toolkit documentation
Record Templates
48 built-in templates, user-created templates
Record Source
Search More Servers
Z39.50 search
Side-by-side comparison of changes, rollback changes
Reading Program Updates
Automatically update Accelerated Reader 360®, Fountas & Pinnell®, Lexile®, Reading Counts!®, & ReadnQuiz™
Convert to RDA
Tag 260 to 264, 336, 337 & 338 updates, 100s of terms expanded, birth and death dates, unnumbered pages, leaves & plates and more
Subject Heading Updates
Library of Congress, Library of Congress Children’s, Sears and Kid Friendly, plus Subject Enrichment feature
Award Notes
State and National award notes
Brief to Full
Adds selected fields for records found in the BestMARC record source
Record Repair
Automatically fixes common problems in your MARC records
Organize records into lists
Find smaller groups of records
Global Editing
Create and save powerful instructions to make batch changes to your database
Combine Enhancements and Global Edits sequentially for easy processing
yesEnhancements Onlyno
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