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We admit it. We don't sell off-the-shelf.

Our MARC record creation and maintenance products and services are uniquely tailored to your individual needs. Please call or email us to talk to a sales representative about what you need to get done and what we can do to help you do it. We promise we'll do everything we can to explain our products and services fully and make sure you get what you need, guaranteed.

We will give you the best product for the best price. Take us up on it.


FREE Database Diagnostic Report

Knowing what needs to be fixed is the first step to creating a vibrant, content-rich database. We understand that and we can help.

Give us a copy of your database to analyze and we can help you find out what needs to be done to make it more accurate, up-to-date and exactly what you need.




BestMARC™ is our state-of-the-art MARC records database management platform. You get easy, centralized access to Mitinet's powerful features without downloading or installing software.

BestMARC™ is compatible with AACR2 or RDA cataloging rules and can be run on a PC or Mac.

See what you can do with BestMARC™ today.


Full Circle Supportâ„¢

Fast becoming our most popular service, with Full Circle Support™ you spend less time updating or fixing your database and more time on what's really important - your patrons. Anything you can do with our products, we can do for you, at a fraction of the cost in both time and money.

Full Circle Support™ is available as an enhanced service to BestMARC™ subscriptions and our Bundled products.


MARC Magician™

Powerful tools make a powerful impact on your work and Mitinet's award winning software, MARC Magician™, is the industry standard for MARC AACR2 record creation and metadata management.

It's simple. Edit your data faster and find & fix errors easier with MARC Magician™.




MARC Wizard™

This suite of software tools allows a PC user to perform a variety of database creation and maintenance functions.

If you are a small library, or only need to do one specific task to bring your database up to speed, one of our budget-friendly MARC Wizard™ products might be for you.


Custom Services - What Do You Need?

Our customized services cover any tasks you need to make your database cleaner and more complete, accurate and efficient. And we do it on your schedule.


Custom Database Cleanup

Whether you want  simple database maintenance, or to ease a data conversion or union migration, Mitinet™ creates clean, content-rich data for your library - without losing sight of the importance of every record, field, subfield, space and dash - and we deliver results according to your timetable, guaranteed.

RDA Conversion Service

Give us your database and we make each MARC record compliant to the new RDA standard terminology, all at once, at the best price.


Reading Program Data Services

Nothing matters more than getting the right book in a kid's hands. Update your library's MARC database with the most up-to-date reading program scores available. We help you eliminate common problems and inefficiencies caused by missing or mismatched data, guaranteed.

Subject Heading Updates

Out of date subject terminology often means materials don't circulate.

We review your database and convert outdated or politically sensitive subject headings to the latest  terminology, to increase search success and improve circulation in your library.

Library Services

Save even more time and reduce your processing costs when you order custom labels for your materials. Get your materials with the labels already printed and put them on the shelves faster.


We believe in the power of partnership.

Find Our Partners

Mitinet™ is proud to support the training of new librarians with our academic partnership program.

We are also part of the Total Quality Partnering Network™, through our sister company, Mitinet Commercial Services™. Find more details here.

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